About Us

Smarteefi is the brand name of "Coreembedded Technologies Pvt. Ltd," a company that has been dedicated to developing innovative products and features since 2016, aimed at simplifying and enhancing users' lives. With our diverse range of products, you can mix and match them to create a personalized smart home, giving you the ability to manage and control your appliances from anywhere at any time.

1st product of Smarteefi was launched in Jan’2016, which was a 3 Port Smart Power strip controlled with individual control on device for each output. It was a first of its kind in the world. When Alexa was launched in India, Smarteefi was one of the few products which was compatible with it from Day 1. Since then, with its customer centric approach, Smarteefi has become a trusted brand and now has more than 70+ Unique Smart Modules giving a wide range for home automation solution.

What are product range of Smarteefi?

  • Smart Plug
  • Smart Power Strip
  • Retrofit Smart Modules
  • Modular Switches (Push/Touch)
  • Modular Smart Switch Boards
  • Non Modular Switch Plates
  • USB Charger

What makes our products unique?

  • Self developed Smarteefi Cloud Platform as backbone for all WiFi features
  • Completely MADE in INDIA
  • Option of repair services, post warranty period also.
Made in India, serving the world.


"Made in India, serving the world. We aspire to become the premier platform service provider for home automation products originating from India."

Automation for everyone.


"Our mission is to demonstrate to home users that we offer a dependable, secure, and budget-friendly means to control their appliances over the internet."