Mr. Kazim Massah, Pune:

Using retrofit node switch NF41 model for my room for 6 months and experience is amazing. I use Alexa to control all my lights and fan speed also.

Mr. Pratyush Parida, Bhubaneswar:

Using multiple products of Smarteefi from a long time. Have installed Smarteefi modular push, touch switches, Fast USB chargers across multiple rooms of my home controlling both indoor and outdoor lights.

Mr. Vishawanathan, Chennai:

Using Smarteefi products from past 4 years. All the smart products in my home are of Smarteefi only and keep taking new products as and when they are launched.

Mr. Ajay Girotra, Basti(UP):

Using Smarteefi 5 port smart power extension. Very easy to configure with wifi. I am using Google Home to control each individual switch. Very helpful and easy to operate.

Mr. Aswin Subhash (KL):

Using Smarteefi Retrofit Pro series product. Customer support team assisted me in selection of product which was very good. Apart from my room lights, I can also control FAN speed with voice control. Also, it gives me control to use switches in manual mode as well as in Smart mode.

Mr. Basil Peter, Ernakulam(KL):

Using Smarteefi Power switches for by garden irrigation from many years and the experience is very good.

Mr. Dhruv Talwar, New Delhi:

Using Smarteefi retrofit device with alexa for full automation of my bedroom. Experience is very smooth and I can control all my lights and fan with just voice commands.

Mr. Kapil Dikka , New Delhi:

Using Smarteefi smart device to control my room lights and fan with Alexa. Very good product and easy to use.