LAN API Control: Automating IT with Secure Network Access

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IT teams across organizations struggle with automating tasks under strict security protocols. This article explores these challenges and how Smarteefi devices deliver secure automation solutions.

Burning Need, Security Roadblock:

IT teams across industries yearn for remote power control and scheduling tools for critical equipment. This need intensified during COVID lockdowns, as exemplified by a large MNC. Their IT director, unable to access the office, sought a solution for remote equipment control. While impressed by our WiFi Smart Power Strip, the cloud connectivity raised a security hurdle. US counterparts wouldn't approve external server connections in labs and critical infrastructure.

Seeking a Secure Solution:

The director, in a call with our team, expressed his desire to use our products but faced security clearance issues. He challenged us to provide a solution addressing their security concerns while enabling remote power control.

Overcoming the Cloud Conundrum:

We understood the widespread challenge of security concerns preventing the use of desired tools. So, we developed LAN-based API controls for our Smart Power Strips. This offered:

• Full Control: Same level of power control (on/off, scheduling, clock sync) as the cloud version.

• Secure Environment: All communication within the organization's LAN, accessible via their secure VPN setup.

• No Cloud Reliance: No internet connection or cloud access needed for equipment control, including time scheduling.

Key benefits:

  • Addresses the common security roadblock faced by many organizations.
  • Provides complete control without compromising network security.
  • Eliminates the need for external cloud connections.

Potential of the Solution

Beyond the Cloud: Secure Power Control for All:

Developed for one customer, our LAN-based API control for Smart Power Strips resonated with others facing similar challenges. Soon, major organizations like a bank managing ATMs and a southern data center embraced it.

Why It Matters:

  • Overcomes Security Hurdles: Provides secure control within private networks, addressing a common obstacle for IT teams.
  • Eliminates Cloud Reliance: No internet connection or cloud access needed, ideal for sensitive environments.
  • Versatile and Customizable: Meets diverse automation needs, with potential for further customization.

We believe:

  • Many IT leaders are unaware of such secure, LAN-based solutions.
  • This awareness can unlock automation possibilities for various organizations
  • We stand ready to help them leverage our existing APIs and explore customization options.

API Documentations Available Here

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