Faster, Smoother Migration: Smarteefi Journey with AWS Blue Green Deployments

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Continuing our series on Home Automation Platform experiences today we share our experience with AWS Blue Green Deployments.

Smarteefi's growing user base demanded a smoother DevOps approach. Facing an upcoming MySQL version deprecation by AWS (deadline Feb 28th), we planned and executed a seamless migration.

Facing a MySQL migration and intrigued by some linkedin posts by Keyur Diwan. we explored Amazon's Green/Blue deployment. This strategy uses two identical environments: one live (blue) and one prepped with the new version (green). A seamless switch ensures minimal downtime during migration.

Since Smarteefi started its platform (2016), migrations meant manual SOPs: backups, permissions handling, even downtime for rollbacks. Amazon's Green/Blue deployment intrigued us, but untested. Then, Adarsha K. YouTube tutorial sealed the deal.

Rollback concerns lingered despite Adarsha K. video Fortunately,Luc De Brouwer's blog filled the gap, boosting our confidence. The Green/Blue migration went smoothly(as promised!), but the rollback knowledge proved valuable, just in case.

Worried about trying it? We were too. Here's what we've learned:

  • Blue/Green rocks! Seamless migrations, minimal downtime. Go for it!
  • But, be ready to rollback. Even automated features need a backup plan.

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